Monday, March 18, 2013

Truman Adopted August 2012

I was just looking back at some of my older posts and realized I had said I would post pictures of Truman, the cat we adopted way back in August, and I never did! So here we go!

Truman napping in tv stand

Here he is napping in the bottom of the TV stand. He has made himself right to home around here.

Some history on Truman: My daughter and son in law bought a new home last year and the man who was selling the house was Truman’s former dad. He was being transferred by his company out of state and couldn’t take Truman with him.

Baby and Truman

Here he is, sharing the love seat with Baby. Truman’s dad told us if he couldn’t find a home for him, he would have to take Truman to the pound. I couldn’t let that happen. Came home, talked hubby into letting me get Truman. And a few days later Truman came to live with us. At first our 2 other cats, Baby and Rocky were pretty leery about Truman. Truman is pretty laid back. He just wanted to be friends with them but they weren’t having any of that at first. Lots of hissing and growling going on for a few days.


Truman and Rocky squirrel watching togehter

Truman and Rocky watching a squirrel out the window. They are best buddies now. They play together all the time. Baby is my skittish cat and it took her longer to accept Truman, but now they play together and chase each other up and down the hallway to the bedrooms. They all even sleep together at times on the beds.

Hanging out

Just hanging out. He is such a good boy. Unfortunately his owner didn’t tell us he had previous problems with cystitis and needed to be on special food. So we were just feeding him the same dry cat food the other cats were eating. After two weeks with us he was having trouble peeing, licking himself a LOT and was just generally pretty miserable.

Stalking the toys

A $500 trip to the vet later, was when we found out about his cystitis. When cats eat dry cat food, they don’t get enough moisture in their system to keep it flushed out and males tend to develop crystals because of it. So now all the cats are on canned cat food for urinary tract. There just wasn’t any way to keep Truman out of the dry food, and the other two out of the canned food.

In the box

He loves curling up in any box, just like the other cats, so we keep an empty box under our end tables, just for them.

Truman also has allergies, so he sneezes a lot, but that we did know. I am pissed that his old owner didn’t tell us about needing special food. We could have avoided the big vet bill. I suppose he thought we wouldn’t take him if we knew about his medical issues. Maybe, maybe not. I DO know we are glad we adopted him. He has fit in well with our other cats. He is a very sweet, gentle, loving cat. He’s very sociable, loves getting his head scratched, and curls up in my hubby’s lap all the time. He’s been a good addition to our home. No more cats though. 3 are enough.

Until next time.

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