Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Wedding And Pics Of Peyton

Toast My daughter in law’s sister Erin renewed her vows with her husband Mitch on Saturday. They got married last June in a civil ceremony, kinda quick, he’s in the Army and they couldn’t live together on the base without them being married.

So, on Saturday they returned home from Fort Riley so they could renew their vows and have a nice reception. Lots of people came.


Peyton full length

Little Miss Peyton, my grand daughter, was the flower girl. How cute is that??








Here she is with her daddy and the ringer bearer.

The little stinker is on the go ALL…THE….TIME!!

She never slowed down once all night. She just walked all over and ran most of us adults ragged, lol. Gosh, to just have a tenth of her energy :)




Eating cake

Of course, Grandpa had to feed her some wedding cake! She has a hollow leg.







Peyton and Dan

Then she had fun with Grandpa throwing her up and down and catching her.







This is towards the end of the night when she was finally getting pretty tired and kind of grumpy. She still wasn’t done walking around though and was a bit unhappy with Grandma holding her.

All in all, a very nice time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Start On Painting Living Room

LR painted 002

On my last post I blogged about the great deal I got on Valspar paint at Lowe’s. Well, I got started on painting the living room, bit by bit, at my own slow pace, lol.

This is how the half wall between the living room and kitchen looked before I started painting.




LR painted 003

Here is how it looks after painting. Rocky seems to enjoy it :)

I think it looks better. It warms it up and brightens it up in here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Finds And Deals

I did my usual weekend running around with my daughter yesterday and found some sweet sewing patterns at Goodwill.


This is a very vintage (1981 copyright) pattern that I got for whole 88 cents. It’s a size 2, which is a bit big right now for Peyton, since she is wearing 18 month sizes right now, and she is pretty petite, but by the time I get something made, it should fit. I’m thinking the sleeveless one would make some really cute sundresses. I’ve got all kinds of cute little prints materials that would work just fine. Then I was thinking the sleeveless one would be cool as a jumper if you made it in something like a corduroy material. I’m not big on sleeves, only because I usually have the dickens of a time putting them in. Oh, and the other great thing about this pattern, it’s never been cut! So, I thought maybe I could make templates of the pattern on freezer paper to use instead of cutting up the original. You figure, it’s 31 years old and it might be kind of fragile, wouldn’t want to ruin it and not be able to use it!


This is the other pattern I got ( for 88 cents). It’s sizes 3 through 6x so I have lots of time to make something from this one, lol. The package says there’s one piece of the pattern missing. I haven’t gone through it yet to see which piece it is, but I should be able to make something in here. The copyright on this one is 1990.





Isn’t this cute? I found it at Goodwill too! It doesn’t look like it’s ever been worn. It’s a size 24 months, so still a bit big, but she’s growing fast, so eventually…..






paint n coupon

Then we went to Lowe’s. Daughter was looking for a dishwasher, I was going to buy paint. Awhile back Valspar paints had a deal on the internet where you could order a sample jar of their paint FREE if you were one of the first 1,000 to sign up daily for something like a week. You also got a coupon for $5 off the purchase of a gallon of their Signature paint. I’m a night owl so I had no problem getting in and being able to sign up on time every day. I have multiple email addys so I signed up three times and got 3 samples! AND when I opened the boxes, one of them had two of the $5 coupons stuck together, so I got FOUR coupons! Woohoo! They are good until May 31st, so there was no rush to use them. I was waiting for our local Lowe’s to have a sale on their Valspar paint. Well, instead of a sale, they had a mail in rebate for $5 off each gallon. So, after I send in my rebates, and using my coupons, I actually ended up getting $10 off each gallon! I bought 3 gallons so I can paint the living room and the long hallway going to the bedrooms. Now granted, their paint is NOT cheap ($31.99 each for the satin finish, plus tax for a total of $33.88 each). But let me tell you, I’ve used cheap paint and I’ve used Valspar, and the Valspar is worth EVERY PENNY of the extra cost. It has the primer in it, so when you paint, it covers AWESOME in just one coat and goes on really smooth. And no, no one is reimbursing me for my gushing testimonial, I’m just that impressed with it. So doing the math, using my coupons and rebates, I got the paint for just under $24 a gallon. The gold patch on the top of the picture is the color I got. Actual color is a bit “warmer” than the picture looks. Just so tired of bland eggshell walls, and wanted a bit of color, but nothing super drastic that would put the hubby into a tailspin, lol.

Got my haircut this weekend too in amongst all the running. It’s back up to chin length, much easier to take care of.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sad But Necessary Donations

God’s Tiny Angels received a request from one of our hospitals for burial or “angel” gowns for 1-3 pound babies.


Unfortunately there is a need for burial sets for babies who got their wings too soon. Sometimes I find it hard to make these, but then I think of the comfort that my small effort gives to a family who is going through one of the toughest times in their lives, and it makes it easier to create something nice for their baby during such a difficult time.

This set is fairly simple, but I made it with pink and white Pound of Love so it would be soft and trimmed it with just a few pink buttons. Simple but nice.




My second burial set. Again, made of Pound of Love yarn which I love for the softness of it. Again, very simple but nice and comforting. The pearl and lace decorations I added came from some trim I harvested from an old dress and were just too pretty to throw away. I knew someday I’d find a good use for them. They just seemed like the perfect addition to make this set special.


This set is made from a soft pink baby yarn. There wasn’t a label on it so not sure what brand, etc. the yarn is. I’m sure it came in a box of my yarn finds at Goodwill.

I added some white daisies with pink centers that matched the yarn hoping it would make it not quite so plain.







I made this little set from white Pound of Love. I’m thinking this set could be used for a girl or a boy, as they do use gowns for the boys too. I added a small bit of trim with white and green gimp to fancy it up.







My final set for now is made from some vintage Lion brand Jamie baby yarn. It’s variegated with pastel shades of blue, pink, green and yellow. It also has a slim thread of shimmery yarn in it. Because of the multi colors and the shimmer, I didn’t add any embellishments because I thought it might make it look too “busy”.




Some people find it hard to make these sets because of the circumstances for the need for them but I don’t really mind making them. They work up pretty fast, even for a slower crocheter like me. I don’t usually make a matching blanket for the sets, simply because they just take me too long to get a blanket done. I feel I can help more families this way and you can usually find a pretty blanket to buy to go with the set. The last thing these families need is to worry about trying to find clothing that is small enough for their angel and I can only hope my little gowns and hats will bring some comfort to them in such a difficult time in their lives.