Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GTA Donations October 2012

This time our group was concentrating on making Halloween items for the babies.

preemie pumpkin cocoon and hat

This is my preemie cocoon and hat that I made. I used a little green on the top of the hat and added a curly piece to try to make it look like the stem of a pumpkin.






Candy corn hats

  I made an assortment of hats that are supposed to look like candy corn. Most of these are made of Red Heart “Love” yarn. I really liked working with it. It is fairly soft and a lot easier on the hands to work with.



halloween hats

  A few more hats made in Halloween colors.





Pumpkin candy corn hats

A few more candy corn hats and some pumpkin hats.





That’s it for this time. On to making Christmas items for the babies Smile

Can You Help??

Do you crochet, knit, quilt or sew? Would you like to help make something to help needy babies?
We could REALLY use your help.
I belong to a group called God’s Tiny Angels. We have members from all around the United States. It is based out of Huntington, West Virginia. We donate to over 30 hospitals around the country.
The majority of our donations go to Cabell Hospital in Huntington, WV. This is a coal mining area with a very poor population. At any given time there is an average of 41 babies in their NICU unit. Many of these babies are born to mom’s with drug addictions and the babies go through withdrawals beginning as soon as they are born. Many of those babies will end up in foster care and seldom have visitors. These poor babies were born into this world with nothing, no family to care for them and no new clothing to end up going to whatever home they end up in.
Many are just born to families who are destitute. A hat, sweater, booties, a blanket, anything new would be so very appreciated by these families.
Our membership is down to only 59 members at this time and we just can’t do enough fast enough to take care of the enormous need. It would be wonderful if you would like to join our group and help. If you don’t feel you can commit to a long term time, you can still donate on a one time or occasional basis. ANY help would be so appreciated.
You can still help even if you are not “crafty”. We also accept donations of new or like new gently used baby clothing and blankets. I am always on the watch at our local Goodwill for pretty baby items.
I have been a member of this group for just a month shy of 5 years now. I realize we have the same need in our own area. But as an individual I don’t feel I can make enough items to make much of a dent in the problem. Belonging to a group, I feel I have been able to make a bigger impact.
Right now we are concentrating on making Christmas hats, booties, blankets, mittens and sweaters as the nurses like to try to bring some cheer to the NICU unit during the holidays.
If you are interested at all in donating and/or joining our group, you can contact me by email at mamasu55 at and I can give you all the information you need to do so.
We usually mail our items to our group leader in Huntington, WV and she sees that the items are distributed to the hospitals with the greatest need at the time. If you don’t feel you want to do this, I can mail them for you or you can mail them to her. I can give you the needed information.
You can also check out the website site for our group at
Thank you so very much for any help you feel you can give, as it will be extremely appreciated.
Susie Martin