Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gosh It's Been Awhile!

Gosh, I didn't realize it's been three weeks since I actually posted anything here to my blog! Sometimes it just doesn't feel like there's much of anything of great importance to blog about. Do any of you feel like that at times?
This is what we woke up to around here in Iowa this morning. It started snowing HUGE flakes about 3 P.M. yesterday afternoon and was pretty slick out by rush hour.

This is looking out our front door. We got about three inches of snow, our first measureable one for this year.

It's really pretty but I'm not big on snow anymore. Maybe cause I'm getting older. Maybe cause I dread the thought of having to go out in it and shoveling the stuff. Not really looking forward to winter this year.

But, we have WONDERFUL neighbors. When I looked out his morning, one of our neighbors had snowblown our driveway and front sidewalk. All I will have to clear is the short walk going to our front door and the stoop. I'm sure the neighbors realize it's difficult for Dan and I to clear the snow with our health problems, and they just jump right in and are more than kind enough to do it for us without us even asking for their help. You just can't ask for better neighbors than that! We are so very thankful for them.

As you can see, the queen and king of the house aren't too concerned about the snow storm we had, lol. Holding down the love seat for their morning nap as usual.

This is just a simple preemie Christmas blanket I put together for our God's Tiny Angels group. We are having an emergency blanket blitz right now. We didn't have enough blankets made for Christmas to take care of all of our NICU's we donate to so we are all frantically trying to get enough blankets made for them. I have another one on the hook right now(Marie Anne, it's your rectangle granny blanket pattern!) and am trying to get it done in time to ship both of them off by Monday. I have about 5 more rounds to go and it will be done. The original pattern starts out with chaining 18 then following the pattern for a regular sized blanket but I started out with 12 chains then followed the pattern and I should end up with a nice 18 inch by 21 inch size for a preemie. Here's the link for the pattern if any of you want to try it, it works up pretty fast!  Rectangle Granny Square Blanket  Some of our other group members are using this pattern too and we really like it!

Here is  the rectangle preemie blanket so far.

Well folks, I guess that's about it for now. I will try to get back to posting on a regular schedule again. I DO follow all of you regularly and sure enjoy reading about what you are up to.