Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GTA Donations March 2013

Blanket brights filet

This time we were concentrating on making Easter items for the babies. I got carried away this time with hats but got some blankets and sweater sets done too.

This is my “brights” filet crochet newborn blanket. It was fun to make with all the different colors.


Blanket preemie lavender and white

This is my lavender and white preemie blanket. It’s just double crochets with a bit of filet thrown in so it wouldn’t be quite so plain. The edging is shells.




Easter quilt

Easter quilt close up







This is my Easter egg quilt. I really like the way it turned out. The left pic is the whole thing and the right is a close up since the pattern in the material didn’t show up very well in the first picture.

Dress set lilac and white

Here is my lavender and white dress and diaper cover. I used Pound of Love yarn for both colors. It’s probably a newborn size.






Headbands and booties

I made a few little headbands just for something different and a pair of booties. Don’t make very many booties because they always seem to turn out different sizes. I like making the headbands because they work up pretty quick.





I made lots and lots of hats this time. So I will just post all the pics of them. My stepson and his lady went out of town and stopped at a Goodwill store. They found some really pretty variegated yarn that they bought for me! Got the kids trained well !!

Hats 8 pastels GTA March 2013 025







Hats assorted yellows

Hats bright blue yellow white








Hats green blue and multis

Hats greens








Hats purple and pastels

Hats sparkly pastels








Hats turban and brights

Hats turq and yellow








Sweater set gold and purple

Then there are the sweater sets. This one is made from Pound of Love yarn. I like the bright colors.





Sweater set aqua

Made from aqua yarn. I don’t remember what yarn I used.





Sweater set blues pinks yellows

This was made from some of the pretty yarn my step son and his lady got me. It’s really soft.





Sweater set cornflower yellow

The color of this yarn is called cornflower yellow. It’s a vintage Redheart yarn I had. I don’t know if they even make this color any more.




Sweater set double yarn vari blues greens

This is a variegated blues and greens set.





Sweater set vari brights and white

Variegated brights and white. I made the sleeves white because otherwise I didn’t think I would have enough yarn to make a matching hat.




Sweater set vari pastels

Variegated pastels with assorted pastels buttons to set it off. Very soft yarn.





Burial set blue and white

Last but not least, a pretty pale blue and white dress, hat and booties. This could be used for Easter but may also be used as a burial set. Sadly the need for burial sets always is there.

That’s the end of this batch this time. As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy this time.


Working on hats for the Fourth of July now.

Until next time, stay safe and do for others.


  1. Everything is so cute! I love the lavender dress and diaper cover - can you tell me where I could find the pattern for it? Thanks :)

  2. Sandy, It is an older pattern I found on the web that I learned about from one of my fellow God's Tiny Angels members. Here is the link:

  3. Everything is so cute! Really love the quilt.