Friday, March 15, 2013

Depression and Anxiety 3-15-13

This is the first night for the new meds. It’s only been a few hours so results remain to be seen yet.

I do have to say I am experiencing some dizziness (more so than usual), but knock on wood, no nausea yet. May have jinxed myself, lol,

It is an extended release medication so it may take some time for side effects to settle in.

I actually had a pretty good day. I was experiencing some anxiety all day because of knowing I was going to do a medication change tonight but nothing serious.

If I could just get over wanting to sleep a lot during the day, and then being up half the night because of that, life would be much better.

I will let you know more tomorrow how things are going.

Thanks for going along on my ride, and I REALLY appreciate feedback I have been getting.

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  1. Fingers are crossed that your new med will be a success. Might take a week or 2 before you notice the difference (from what I've always been told about this type of medication). :) Life will get better!!!