Monday, March 25, 2013

Check In 3-24-13

Sorry I haven’t posted the last few days. I figured you didn’t really need a blow by blow daily.

I started a new dose of Effexor on Friday, 2 capsules instead of one. So far it seems to be ok. Only really weird side effect I seem to be getting is some zappy feelings in my legs. Don’t know if it’s a side effect of the Effexor or a combination with my Peripheral Artery Disease. Am keeping an eye on it. If it gets worse or doesn’t go away will be calling my Dr. Also I seem to have some shakiness too. That seems to start to happen about 2 hours before it’s time to take my meds. Maybe it’s because the meds for the day are about worn off.Been kind of antsy too so the Xanax has come into play. Today I couldn’t get warm for anything so I just went to bed, curled up with a nice warm comforter and slept for awhile. That seems to have gone away tonight.

Lav preemie blanket

I did get my preemie blanket done the other night. Just got the picture taken tonight. Both yarns are Red Heart Super Saver and the colors are Aran (off white) and lavender. I made a hat to match it but didn’t get a picture of it.

That’s it for tonight.

Take care all.

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