Thursday, August 5, 2010

This And That

This is fair week here in Scott County Iowa so on Saturday I am going to go to it with my daughter. We are going to see my sweet little granddaughter Peyton. She is just over 9 months old and she is going to be riding a horse in a horse show! How fun is that?? I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them later.
Here's Baby and Rocky, the queen and king of the house.

As usual, I have too many projects going at one time. We are currently working on a sweater drive for God's Tiny Angels, the group I belong to that makes items for needy babies at hospitals across the nation. I only have a dozen or so done, thanks to the carpal tunnel and pinched ulnar nerve, but hey, every sweater is one more warm baby this winter!
I also got a wild hair and decided to make a few baby quilts. Will post pics of my donations after I get them all ready and sent off.
Since the kids seldom read my blog, I can talk about the project I am working on for Peyton's first birthday in October. Many many moons ago, my parents bought a child's rocking chair for my brother when he was born in 1952. Now it is a family heirloom of sorts. It was used by my brother, then me, then his kids and my kids.

Since Peyton is my first biological grandchild, I plan on passing it down to her for her first birthday.

It's seen its share of bumps and bruises, so I am in the process of refinishing it. Then I am making a book for Peyton that tells the history of "Peyton's Rocking Chair".

I'm telling her about her great grandparents (my parents) buying it for her Uncle Bobby, and Grandma Sue using it too. Also telling about her Aunt Mindy and her daddy Frank using the chair too. I'm including pictures of my parents, Uncle Bobby ( who is deceased and never got to meet her but would of sooo loved her), me, her aunt Mindy and her daddy when he was about a year old. Plus stuff about her birth with pictures.
Then I'm going to take it to Kinko's and have it printed and bound in a book. This way, she will hopefully someday when she is older get to read all about her chair, and maybe one day pass the chair and the book down to her own children.

As you can see by the "before" pictures, it has been well loved and it just didn't seem right to give it to her like it is, so that's why I am refinishing it.
Oh yeah, and besides all that, I am in the process of crocheting a purple bunny rabbit for Peyton to sit with her in her rocking chair. It is abour 2 thirds done, will post pics when it's done.

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  1. What a fabulous idea, the book with the family story to go with the rocker!

    Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve (same here off and on). I started going to a chiropractor for back problems and when I did the carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve problem got better too. I had been wearing 2 braces for those problems one on the elbow and one on the hand/wrist and had completely stopped crocheting. Now I can feel it when it flairs and just do things differently. A big improvement.

    Doing some blog walking this am and made my way here. Do swing by for a visit. The welcome mats always out.