Friday, June 11, 2010

GTA Donations June 2010

This time of year, our God's Tiny Angels group works on making items for the babies for the 4th of July. Red, white and blue is the theme!

I started out making some diaper shirts since they work up really fast. I used worsted weight yarn for the bodies, then to edge them and make the ties, I used a thinner lighter weight yarn.

I had a bit of this bright blue yarn left over from another project, so I made a little hat.

One of my preemie blankets. I just made a blue square for the middle out of double crochet then kept edging around that with red and white stripes. My 7 year old granson said to me "Is that supposed to be like the flag grandma?" So I guess it turned out right!

This is just double crochet stripes edged in white.

I made a granny square for this one.

For something different I made a rectangle granny square out of a deeper red with white and dark blue.

Our next project is our annual sweater drive. Already have a good start on that. Still fighting with carpal tunnel and a pinched ulnar nerve, but I just keep on keeping on as best I can.

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