Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool Photo Effects Website

Thanks to another blogger's site that I follow (and I don't remember which one since I follow so many), I found out about this cool website that has a neat program where you can do some pretty cool photo effects with your pictures.
Remember the pictures I took of my granddaughter Peyton riding a horse at the fair?I made this picture with the website I found. Pretty cool isn't it?!?!

I made this one too :)

The website is:

They have all kinds of cool stuff you can use. I spent a good part of the afternoon playing around there, lol.
Go check it out and have some fun!


  1. Wow, pretty cool! Love the pic with the horses (and I agree, it's perfect for that pic you posted earlier).

  2. What a status of mind!! i love this photograph, the two horses with the sunset background. Very well featured.
    Puppies in Arizona