Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sewing For Miss P

Ever since I got a different sewing machine I've been on a sewing binge. What could be better than sewing for your wee grand daughter??
I've been haunting Pinterest looking for ideas and designs for clothing for Miss P. (Now there's a place to waste a WHOLE lot of time :)
It amazes me some of the ingenious ideas that people are able to come up with. I've been sewing for many a year but would never call myself a really good sewer, but I try.
I got a chance to go see Miss P last night so I took all my sewing goodies for her to try on before I make anything else. Want to make sure my measurements have been good and things fit.
I love the pillowcase dresses for little girls! I suppose that idea has been around for many a year but it's new to me. So simple and so easy.
I will state now please excuse my terrible pictures. I really need to invest in a newer digital camera. But for now with Photoshop I've enhanced my pictures the best I can.
Here is the first pillow case dress I made. Goodwill has been a great place to find pillowcases on the cheap. How can you pass them up for $1.38 each?
A lot of the pillowcase dresses I've been seeing on Pinterest have ribbon for the ties. My thoughts about that was maybe the ribbon would fray easier than material and it probably doesn't hold up all that well for repeated washing and wearing. So I decided most of mine I am making my ties out of the same material as the pillowcase. I made this dress on the longer side with it hitting her about mid calf. Also made longer ties. My thought is it fits her good now as she is only 2 1/2 years old but it should grow right along with her and maybe she will get more than one season out of it.

Here is another pillowcase dress I made her, but I changed it up a bit. Isn't the ruffle on the bottom cute? It came that way, what a time saver!
Instead of doing the tie straps I made a casing on the top and put elastic in it. Then I made little ruffly sleeves for it.
She really liked this one and wanted to try it on over and over.
The material on this one is a light weight flannel and is really soft.

This is my frog dress that I made her. She really really liked the frogs :) It is made along the same lines as a pillowcase dress with an elastic casing on the top and just straight straps. I was afraid the straps would be too short after I made it. When she tried it on for me, it hits her just under the armpits so it probably won't last her as long as the other dresses. Live and learn, but it does fit her. The length makes it either a long top or a short dress.

I think this is going to end up a favorite of hers. It's what we are calling her twirl dress. She loves to spin around and around as fast as she can, so this should fit the bill for her. 
Remember all the great fabric deals I got at Wal-Mart last July? If not click HERE to read about it. 
This dress is made from some of the fabric I got from that shopping expedition.
I changed this one up a bit too. The top is an elastic casing and it fits up under her arms. Then I added a little bib type piece on the front with ties so it fits like a halter top would. My thought on that idea was as she gets bigger or it gets cooler, she can wear a white top under it and wear it like a jumper.
I procrastinated making this dress for awhile because there is a lot of gathering on the three tiers. The bottom one is 90 inches around. I've never had much luck where you sew a long basting stitch on your sewing machine and then put the thread to gather it up. Never fails, the thread breaks on me.
Then I found this awesome link on Pinterest that shows you a super cool way to easily gather your material. Read about it HERE . What you do is lay crochet thread (it's more like a light weight string) on your material then sew a wide zigzag stitch over the thread. Then you pull the crochet thread to gather up your material. After you pin everything up, just pull out the crochet thread. Ingenious!
I tried that for the first time on this dress, and I have to say it made gathering so......much........easier!!
Gosh, sure wish I had know about this years ago! Love it.
Made some other clothes for her too but didn't get pictures taken before giving them to her. Maybe later on I will get pictures of her wearing some of the stuff.
Look who had to help while I was sewing! Baby decided she needed to do acrobatics on the leg to my card table while I was trying to cut out material. She kept wobbling the table enough that I finally had to shoo her away before I ended up cutting something all wonky.
That's it for today, need to sew some more :)

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