Friday, March 23, 2012

Donations To God's Tiny Angels March 2012

Here are my donations to God’s Tiny Angels this month.
We were concentrating on Easter blankets for the babies and I managed to make 6 quilts and crocheted one blanket so I feel pretty good about that.
I don’t usually get carried away with any “fancy” quilting on my quilts. My sewing machine is pretty basic and I never got a good handle on free motion quilting, so I just do my basic up and down the rows quilting. At least that way it does get quilted, they don’t take as much time, and I can make more quilts quicker to help more babies.
Remember back in July when I got all those really great fabric deals at Wal-Mart because they were clearing out a bunch of their fabric packs? I finally got a chance to use some of them. Here’s the link for that post if you didn’t get to read it.
This is one of the blanket kits that I got for $2.20. It measures 36” by 44”. It ended up smaller than that after quilting and trimming it but still a nice size newborn quilt.
 I’ve been watching Hobby Lobby’s ad every week and when ever they have a 40% off coupon I’ve been using it to go buy a quilt batting so it only cost me around $3.00. So I only have a little over $5.00 wrapped up in this  particular quilt. The first picture is the front and the second is the back.

This one is smaller and is a preemie size. I thought it would be really cute for Easter since it has the cute little bunnies and chicks on it. I was really happy to find some solid pastel teal fabric to match the main color of the front so that is what the back of it is and I just bound it with some of the same solid fabric.

This one is also a smaller preemie size. The colors on the first picture are closer to the real color of it. I realize there are flowers on the squares but I’m hoping since it’s predominately blues it will work for a boy as we don’t get as many items for the little guys.

This one is another preemie size. I was having a hard time getting good colors from my camera the day I took these pictures. The colors are more of a pastel and not so washed out looking as this shows, but you get the idea :)
The print squares are actually pretty little purple flowers.  Quite awhile ago I got this huge roll of the purple flower fabric at Goodwill for next to nothing. It’s about 5 inches wide and there are yards and yards of it, so I’m sure you will be seeing more quilts with the purple flowers in it in the future. There is so much of it that I’m thinking about ruffling a bunch of it to make a ruffled dress for my grand daughter.

The teddy bear quilt is also a preemie size and it’s made out of fabric that I got a really good deal on last May at Hancock Fabric. Here’s the link for that post if you want to read about that shopping trip. 
I had plenty of that fabric so I backed the quilt with the same teddy bear fabric and bound it with white to match the other squares.

I call this one my zig zag quilt. It’s made from fabric from the Wal-Mart shopping trip and has Looney tunes characters and Winnie The Pooh on it.  It turned out in between a preemie and newborn size but it should work for a smaller newborn. I used strips of the same fabric with white in between for the backing.  It turned out pretty cute but I doubt that I will be making this pattern again for the babies. It took a lot of piecing so it took a lot more time to put together before I could quilt it. I like how it turned out and I like the pattern but I feel I could have made 2 simpler quilts in the time it took me to make just this one.
I did get one preemie blanket crocheted. It’s made out of an ombre cotton yarn. Can’t for the life of me remember what brand it is.  I THINK it’s the I Love This Yarn cotton that you can get at Hobby Lobby but don’t quote me on that. I do know that it’s really super soft and really nice to work with.

On to other stuff!
Aren’t these little preemie sleepers just the cutest things? My daughter found these at T J Max a while back on clearance and only paid $1.00 each for them. If they would have had more she would have bought them all. Got her trained ! I thought wouldn’t these be neat if someone had triplet boys? So I made a different hat to go with each one. That way you could tell the babies apart. At least that was my thought when I was crocheting them.

On a somber note, unfortunately there is always a need for burial items for the wee angels and I try to make at least one set with every donation I make if I can. Again I was having trouble getting pictures with decent colors, but this is a soft pink and white gown and hat I made for a tiny angel. As I have said before, I don’t crochet all that fast so I didn’t make a blanket to go with the hat and gown, hoping the family can find a pretty blanket to go with it. It has to be difficult to find anything tiny enough when the need arises, so I’m hoping my little set will help ease the pain for at least one family.

On a lighter note, I always make sweaters so I’m just posting pics of all the ones I sent this time. They are made from an assortment of yarns, whatever I happen to pull out of my stash each time. I did manage to get 6 of them done, even with sewing the buttons on, which is my least favorite part of making sweaters. Otherwise I really like making sweaters because they work up fast. I tried to make more boy colors this time as we never seem to get enough for the boys. The blue and red one and the orange and white one were hard to get good pictures of but you get the idea.

And that’s my haul for this time.

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