Sunday, March 25, 2012

Estate Auction Yarn Score

On Saturday the hubby and I took my stepson and his gal to an estate auction in the neighboring county. Hubby and I are old pros at going to auctions and hadn't been for quite awhile. We knew the kids were looking for dressers and other stuff so when we saw the ad in the local paper we asked them if they wanted to go. Neither of them have been to very many auctions, maybe one or two, so we thought it would be fun to break them in. We have them hooked now :)
Unfortunately, all of the furniture was going for big bucks so they didn't get to score there. But we sent the guys off to the other barn where they were selling tools and other guy stuff so us gals had fun at the main auction barn.
I didn't get pictures of anything but my yarn score (more on that further down in my post) but we did get some other stuff!
For those of you used to auctions, you know how sometimes they throw a bunch of stuff in a "flat" (basically it's a box lid) and you bid on the whole flat?
Our first score was one of those flats and we paid a whopping $2.50 for it. We got Miss M. 7 matching candlesticks, 4 or 5 pretty etched delicate wine glasses, a gosh awful amber jar with a lid, and maybe a couple other things, I don't remember.
Have you seen on Pinterest where you glue together candlesticks and pretty plates to make cute tiered display dishes for cupcakes and such? That's what Miss M. is going to do with the candlesticks! Even if she doesn't use anything else out of the flat, we got our $2.50 worth just for those.
Then we got a couple of nice decent sized pictures that no one else seemed interested in for $2.50 for both of them. They were both probably 2 feet by 3 feet. If nothing else the frames were pretty cool on them so they were worth it just for the frames. Miss M. is pretty crafty so she will probably do something neat with them.
While we were busy, the guys bought stuff like tools and drop cords and a tool box, a bug zapper, camping stuff, and all kinds of guy things.
We never knew what else we were going to find in our truck and their SUV when we took anything we bought out to the vehicles, lol.
All in all we spent less than $100 between all of us and declared the day a success and all had a good time. It was nice spending time with the kids too.
Ok. So now for the big yarn score I got.
For a whopping grand total of $8.50, I got 61 full skeins of yarn and an assortment of  partials and scraps.
I will apologize now for some of my pictures as I really need a new camera.
Here is a picture of all of it before I started to sort it out after I got it home. Remember, this was an estate sale, so a lot of it was older yarn. You can tell by the brands and the prices on the yarn wrappers. In my opinion, yarn doesn't spoil :)
I got the 2 flats for $1 for the both of them, and the big box for $7.50.
There was only one other lady that bid once against me for the big box, otherwise no one else there seemed interested in yarn, which was just fine by me.

These 6 skeins of green were in a clear bag all together and they must be all the same. There wasn't any "brand" on the bag, but it came from Rochelle, Illinois and the cost was $3.47 when bought new for all of them, hard telling how many years ago. You can't hardly buy one skein for that any more. It's a nice soft yarn. Maybe mixed with some white, it wold make a nice set for a boy baby.

There were 16 skeins of whites, off whites and yellows. We all know how many shades of whites there are right? The only thing that matched were the 5 Sayelle off white in the lower right corner. They had the Kmart brand on the label so I know they are old, but they match! You never have enough white, and if they are close and not right next to each other in a project, sometimes you can get away with using different ones.
This is one of my crappy pictures and I'm sorry. These are some of the blues, there were 13 in all. There were a few that matched but not too many. This batch had some skeins from Montgomery Ward for 99 cents each originally.

There were 10 skeins of pinks and a few partials, again quite an assortment with none matching. But I should be able to at least get a baby sweater out of most of them.

Here are the reds and oranges. There were 5 full skeins and some partials. See the third one from the bottom? I have never seen a skein of yarn as long as that one is. It's at least 18 inches long.

Another crappy picture, sorry. There were 3 full purple and a few assorted green partials. The 2 bigger purples are from Grants. You can't buy that anywhere anymore :)
This flat of yarns is all wool or wool blend yarns. I don't use wool yarn for the babies and I don't like to crochet it either as it makes me itch. So more than likely I will bag all this up with the odd ball stuff I don't plan on using and donate it to Goodwill. Someone will hopefully be able to make good use of it. I know I buy a lot of yarn at Goodwill, so it's kind of a pay it forward thing.

Sorry for the goofy spacing on some of this, Blogger wasn't playing nice no matter how hard I tried to make it.
So there you go for our fun day today. I was ready for a nap by the time we got home late afternoon, but it was worth it.

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