Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quilt Frame Deal

Look what I got Saturday!!

A friend of my ex sister in law was selling her wooden quilt frame for only $25.00!! When I saw the picture of it on her Facebook page my first thought was “oooooh, I NEED that, lol.
Well of course I needed it. And when she told me she only wanted $25.00 for it, I needed it even more!
Needless to say, we made arrangements for me to get it on Saturday, so I grabbed my daughter and we went with the truck to pick it up. When we got there I found out it was made by the Grace Company, who makes awesome quilting frames. It’s a little bit older model, but I sure don’t care about that! I have wanted one of these forever but could never afford to fit one in my budget.
I asked her why she was selling it and she said she has a quilt “bed” that she uses on her sewing machine now and hadn’t used this for 3 or 4 years. Umm, ok. And she just wanted to get it out of the house cause it’s taking up room.
Works for me! Discovered that it folds up almost flat and is 48 inches wide. Doesn’t weigh all that much either, maybe 20 pounds.
I’m so excited, now I just have to get in gear and use it. (and figure out HOW to use it, since I’ve never used one). Went to the Grace website and found instructions, so I don’t think I’m going to have too hard of a time figuring it out.
Did I say I’m excited, lol??

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