Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For The Martin Family

After Dan's dad passed away in 2000, and his mom in 2006, the "family farm" in Missouri was sold to settle the estate. Dan and his daughter Shawn recently went to our place in rural Missouri and went by the old farm. While they were there, they took pictures of the old farm. I'm posting those pictures here so the family and friends can see what kind of changes and improvements the new owners have made.

This picture was taken about 1999. You could always tell people to look for the pink house when they were trying to find the place. This is a view of the back of the house looking towards the road.

This is how the front of the house looks today with a new paint job and a new steel roof. Looks like they added central air and moved the outside attenna to the south side of the house.

Another view of the front from the road.

Second view of the front from the road.

View from the north side of the house.

And from the south side of the house.

Here's the new garage they built north of the house over by the nut orchard and where we used to pick blackberries.

Front view of the new garage.

Side view of the new garage from the road.

Another view of the new garage.

They sure fixed up the old garage. New roof, new paint job, added a window and a man door on the east side towards the house.

View from the house of the old garage. I see they kept the clothesline :)

Antlers on the old garage.

The root cellar. Looks like they planted a new tree in the yard behind the house. Cause the one towards the front of the picture wasn't there before.

Another view of the root cellar.

Member the old shed that used to be next to the old garage? Looks like they moved it over by the root cellar north of the path going up to the pond. I think they are using it like a leanto for storing firewood.

The old wellhouse. Looks like they added a ramp and some yard ornaments. See on the right side of the building? They kept the old pump and added some yard decorations.

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