Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Colors And Other Stuff

I just had to post this picture because I think this tree is really beautiful. It is in the cul de sac behind our house. I was able to get the picture earlier this week before we got a lot of rain and before very many of the leaves were gone from the tree. It is one of the prettiest trees in the neighborhood right now.

After a full week of dealing with the flu, I got up the gumption to drive to my daughter Mindy's and her husband Jarrod's house to try to help them finish up moving since they sold their house. Jarrod's dad and grandma were there too. I didn't do a whole lot, just helped finish packing stuff, but every little bit helps! I am pretty tired but actually feel somewhat better after moving around and doing something besides sleep and eat. They still aren't done moving everything, but the closing is the 29th, so they have some time yet. Everything left can go by car, at least the last of the big stuff got done today.

Still working on baby shower pictures to get posted. That will have to be another day :)

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  1. The tree is beautiful, not only in color but it's shape. We had one in the neighborhood like that too, but sadly it got hit badly with a storm and is less attractive now.

    Hope you're feeling better, the flu can really take it out of you.

    You're right sometimes you do feel better when you move around a bit, but generally you're so weak after not doing anything, it's slow going.

    Please swing by for a visit, I'm having fun doing some blog walking this am.