Friday, August 16, 2013

GTA Donations August 2013 and Other Stuff

Two blue white set

This is my “Little Boy Blue” newborn set. The blue colors are Caron One  Pounders yarn Azure and Ocean. The white is Red Heart super saver.




Next are new born sweater sets.

Camo brown sweater hat

I didn’t think I would have enough of the camo for the whole sweater and make a matching hat because I only had a partial skein of the Red Heart yarn so I mixed it with some chocolate brown yarn.



Sage sweater set

I believe this is Simply Soft yarn in a sage green color.




Turq white sweater set

This newborn set is made from Lion Brand yarn in turquoise and white.




Individual sweaters include a dark green newborn and a blue and white variegated.

Dark green sweater

Blue white vari sweater






Hats vari pink white

An assortment of newborn hats.





Cream scallop blanket

This is a rather large newborn blanket. Too big to get a good picture laid out open so I folded it in fourths. I’m not sure what brand yarn this is as the weren’t any labels on the balls. It is a soft creamy off white and similar to baby yarn. It’s very soft and drapes very nicely. I just did a simple double crochet pattern, then I edged it with some filet crochet finishing it off with shell edging.


Purple white filet set

This little preemie blanket and hat are made from Lion brand Pound of Love in white and lavender.





Retro set

I call this my “Retro” set. It’s all made from vintage Sayelle yarn. Don’t the colors remind you of avocado green and harvest gold appliances from the 1970’s? One lady told me if I had some rusty orange in it I would have the colors from the Tupperware canister sets from that era.




Four square granny

This is my little preemie four square granny blanket. I have some things my deceased mother in law crocheted and I found the four granny squares in my stash. So I sewed the squares together and found some vintage baby yarn in my stash to match. I just did granny square stitches all around until I ran out of yarn.


Blue white burial set

I usually try to make some burial items because sadly the need is always there for them. I found this pretty brand new flannel at Goodwill and edged it with a filet pattern using some soft white baby yarn. I used the same baby yarn to make the kimono, diaper and hat. I used light blue buttons to pull the whole set together to match.


Pale blue pinafore set with diaper

This pretty little pinafore, diaper and matching hat is made from light blue yarn. Again there weren’t any labels on the yarn so no idea what brand it is. It’s very soft and looks and feels a bit like angora yarn. I got fancy and did single crochet stitches on the safety pin so it didn’t stand out so much and matched better.




Pink burial items

Just a couple of little pink burial items. I made a matching diaper for the kimono but didn’t have enough yarn to make one to match the little gown. I was using up some partial skeins.




That’s it for my batch of donations this time.

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