Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook School Tragedy

It is difficult to know what to say about the senseless and needless tragedy that happened today at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
20 innocent children and 8 adults gunned down by an obviously deeply disturbed young man.
If you believe in God or some higher being, please pray for everyone concerned. The lost children and their families, the adults that will never come home again and their families.
Even if you don’t believe in some higher being, at least keep everyone concerned in your thoughts, as our compassion is needed deeply at this time.
During this horrific tragedy, we also need to keep in our thoughts and prayers all of the police and first responders involved in assisting at the scene. I can't imagine how they can cope with what they have had to deal with today.
I have friends and family who are or have been police officers, volunteer firemen, paramedics,first responders, doctors and nurses. All of you have my deepest respect.
There will be much discussion about gun control. The guns this man used were legally purchased but taken illegally by this young man. I firmly believe that gun laws had nothing to do with this tragedy. This young man was on a mission and would have found another way to do this, even without access to guns.
You may not agree with me on this, but please respect my opinion as I respect yours.
The bottom line here is that innocent lives were lost, and we should all morn their loss. Hug your loved ones.

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