Friday, February 18, 2011

Peyton’s Cupcake Hat


Peyton’s mom asked me if I could crochet a cupcake hat for her.

So I did a search on the internet and found more than one pattern. Each one had something that I just didn’t quite like about it so I used them for my “guides” and came up with my own version. Mom said it needed to have ear flaps and ties because Peyton would just pull it off otherwise.

My pictures aren’t as good as I’d like them to be but you get the idea :)

Peyton is about 16 months old now and her head measured about 19 inches around. I made it a bit big so hopefully it will fit her for awhile.

I used a size G crochet hook. Her coat is pink and brown so I used those colors. The pink is Bernat Satin 3.5 oz worsted weight acrylic yarn and I used about half of the skein. The color is called Flamingo. It’s a bit lighter than my picture shows.

The brown chocolate cupcake part, the earflaps and ties are made from Caron Simply Soft Eco 5 oz. skein. The color is, what else, chocolate! I used a very small amount of this, maybe a fourth of the skein if that.

Of course we had to have “sprinkles” on the cupcake so I used pink, cream and white pony beads and sewed them on with the pink yarn.

Sorry but I didn’t write down the pattern as I went along because I was winging it and I know I frogged some as I went so I probably wouldn’t have gotten it written down correctly anyway.

Hopefully I’ll get some pics late on of her wearing it and will post them when I do.

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