Friday, November 12, 2010

GTA Donations November 2010

November is the month we do our drive for Christmas items for the babies.

Most of these Santa hats were made by a lady that works with my daughter.
This is a preemie blanket I made with a matching diaper shirt.
 This cute little quilt was made from vintage Christmas Precious Moments fabric. This is one of my thrifty creations because I found the PM fabric last summer at a yard sale and paid a whopping $1.45 for it. I had the batting and red backing.
 Here is a closeup of the Precious Moments fabric. Isn't it cute?
I bought some Bear Claw pattern "cheater" quilt tops quite some time ago off of Ebay and just now got around to making up one of them.
I found this cute little fleecy soft baby blanket at our local Goodwill. It has pretty little cars embroidered on one corner of the binding.
Here's a closer look at the binding.
Just a couple of baby blue hats I made for the babies.
I found this bright circus quilt top at our local DAV. That's like a Goodwill shop for those of you that don't know, but the proceeds go to help veterans. I paid a whole 95 cents for the top, such a deal!

I had just a little bit of this skein of yarn left so I made a pair of booties out of it.
 Another smaller blanket made from a granny square out of lavender, yellow and white yarns.
I didn't have a full skein of this yarn either so I ended up making a little dress.

That's it for this time. I didn't get anywhere near as much made this time as I would have liked to  but Peyton's rocking chair and history book took up a lot of my time this time. Plus I was trying to get a head start on Christmas presents. Hopefully I can concentrate more on making things for the babies now, because we can use everything we can get! Every little bit helps, but I sure want to make more!

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