Friday, January 30, 2009

New Pics Of "The Boys"

Here are the grandson's school pictures for this year. Chase is 8 years old and in second grade.
Landon is 5 years old and in Kindergarden. Ya think Landon wasn't too thrilled about getting his picture taken, lol ?? :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


On January 3rd, 2009 my kitty cat Baby snuck out the front door and disappeared on me. That afternoon we got a big snowstorm and I figured she was gone for good. I looked all over the neighborhood for her without any luck. As the days went by, we got more snowstorms, and we had a period where the temperature at night went down to 29 degrees below zero. I was rapidly losing hope that she would ever come home again.
Everyday I looked around the neighborhood hoping to see some sign of her. I even put a bowl of food outside near the front of the house, hoping that at least if I didn’t see her, maybe she would at least get to eat and stay alive. She is very skittish around strange people and the day she snuck out, I tried to catch her, but she took off like a rocket and she just wouldn’t come back to me.
3 weeks went by and I had lost most hope of seeing her again. The really sad part of all of this was that the day she disappeared, it was the one year anniversary of my 22 year old cat Rosco passing away.
Well, this Sunday (January 25, 2009) was a blessed Sunday indeed. About 10:00 A.M. I got a call from the Rock Island County Animal Shelter asking me if I had lost my kitty. To make a long story short, some wonderful people only 3 blocks from my home had found Baby!!
We made arrangements by phone for me to come and pick her up.
The wonderful family that found her had moved here in December and still had most of their packing boxes in their garage. The weekend that Baby disappeared, they had their garage door opened about 6 inches, and Baby managed to find her way into their garage. That same day, they closed their garage door and it hadn’t been opened since because they still had a lot of packed boxes to empty out yet. “Ruby”, the lady who found her, told me that she knew there was an animal in her garage but Baby kept hiding on her and Ruby couldn’t tell if it was a cat or a rabbit or what it was.
Finally, after 3 weeks, Baby got herself backed into an area where there were boxes all around her and they were able to corner her and catch her.
If you don’t have a microchip in your pet, GET IT DONE NOW!!!! Because Baby has a microchip and she was wearing her tag that gave a toll free number to call if you found her. Ruby called the number and they were able to tell her who Baby belonged to. That chip was the only thing that made it possible for her to come home.
I am eternally grateful to the family who caught her. Baby didn’t eat for those 3 weeks and she lost some weight and was dehydrated, but she is home and recovering tonite. They didn’t put food or water out because they weren’t sure what kind of an animal they had in the garage. I don’t blame them, it could have been anything from a possum to a rabbit to who knows what!! After they caught her though, they didn’t have any cat food but they had tuna, so Baby had a royal feast after her long fast.
Baby is sort of insecure right now after her ordeal. I can’t go anywhere in the house without her following me and meowing to make sure where I am. Even when I go to the basement to do laundry, she sits at the top of the stairs and meows at me until I come back up again. The bathroom is no longer off limits either, lol.
I truly believe the good Lord was watching over her. I just don’t believe that otherwise she could have found shelter and survived for 3 weeks in way below zero weather and numerous snow storms.
Thanks to the Lord, and some wonderful people, she is back home, hopefully to stay.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Donations To GTA (God's Tiny Angels) January 3, 2009

More Family Pictures

My Parents Wedding Day

June 24, 1939

Elva Crescentia Pool
Francis Henry Reiman

Married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church
DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa, USA

Elva and Frank Reiman 1980

Family Christmas Donation

This year for Christmas, instead of having a family gift exchange, we all kicked in $25-$50 per family and donated our collection to The Lion's Club through the Iowa Donor network in memory of my brother, Bobby Reiman. It just seemed like the right thing to do this year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bobby's Birthday

Today would have been my brother Bobby's 57th birthday.

I miss him every day.

On birthdays and other special occasions, he always sent us a single rose.

So, here is your birthday rose Bobby.

My Grandsons

This is Landon and Chase. The picture was taken in 2007 when they were age 4 and 7.
Can't you just see the orneryness???

This is Chase (age 8) and Landon (age 5) with their dad Shannon on Shannon's birthday July 2008.
The boys sure couldn't look more like their dad, could they??