Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kitty Kapers

I thought it would be kind of fun today to post some pictures of our resident king and queen. You DO know that we belong to them and not vice versa, right??
We adopted both of them from our local pounds.
The white and black kitty is mine. Her name is Baby and she is about 2 years old. She is kind of skittish around new people, but if she comes out to see you and let you pet her, then she thinks you are ok!
The calico kitty is named Rocky and he is about a year and a half old. He belongs to my step son.
He thinks he is part dog. He was raised around 2 beagles and learned how to sit up on his back legs, wave his front paws at you and beg.
They are both characters in their own ways.
Are you allowed to go to the bathroom by yourself? I didn't think so. I'm not. Doesn't matter where in the house Baby is, or even if she is asleep. She hears me go in the bathroom and here she comes, gotta check out what mom is doing. And of course Rocky usually isn't too far behind.
There is a short wall between the tub and toilet. Baby likes to perch on the tub and peek around the wall at you.
"Golly mom, did you have to wake us up??"
Both cats like to curl up on top of the snake aquarium, I suppose because it is warm up there. AND it is next to a window, so they can monitor any neighborhood happenings. That's Rocky in front and if you look close, you can see Baby sprawled out behind him.

"Caught me didn't ya?!"
Speaking of looking out windows, I caught Baby up on the kitchen table getting ready to slip behind the curtain to look out the window. She doesn't look too happy about being busted, lol.
"Another picture mom???"
Well ok, I guess. I'll just have to sit here doing what I do best, looking pretty for you. But can you tell I REALLY don't care?

"I don't care if you take MY picture"
I like having my picture taken. See how nice I pose for you grandma??

And last but not least, here's Rocky doing what he does best. I'm sure he thinks I put that pillow there especially for him.


  1. they are all so precious. I love my fur babies and you are right. we are not allowed to go to the bathroom alone. everytime I go I have at least 2 of the 4 in there with me lol. they like to get on the hamper so they can get petted lol. speaking of looking out the window? well Harley has finally broke a slat in my mini blinds so he can look out!!! ah but we love them :-)))

  2. Yes they do own us and allow us to stay with them in the house. My kitty whose name is Ozzy runs up and down the hall screaming whenever I go into the bathroom. Not that she wanted to go with me, just announcing to the household where I am. Tubby the boy kitty is so big that when he gets on my lap I can do only one thing, hang onto him. He might fall off.
    But ya gotta love'em.

  3. All so adorable. Just checking in on everyone for delurking week and leaving notes.