Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GTA Donations March 2009


  1. Everything is so pretty! Very lucky babies!!!

  2. I love the beautiful projects, especially like the purple-greenish blended little sweater. What pattern did you use for that? Can you share?

    Taking time this am, haven't been able to in quite some time (given all the time spent at the hospital before Mom's passing), to visit all the good folks who are following me to see who's doing what.


  3. Thank you very much! The ONLY sweater pattern I use is the Kelly's Sweater one from Bella Bambina's website. The link is here on my blog. If you scroll waaaay down on the right hand side under the picture of Doves at the feeder, is my links for Baby patterns and it's the first link listed. Once you get the first row done to shape the neck, it's a no brainer piece of cake, lol. It's all double crochet except the trim which is single crochet, or you can get fancy if you want. The sleeves are crocheted right into the body after you make the body, so there are NO seams to sew together. I have even shortened up the number of starting chains so that it doesn't overlap, then you can make it like a cardigan and make ties in your neck edging so you don't even have to sew on buttons! It's just a really versatile pattern that I just love, can't you tell ??!!