Monday, February 9, 2009

"Selected Kids and Grandkids"

As time permits, I intend to add pictures and blurbs about our "selected" kids and grandkids, people who we think of as part of our extended family.
Today I want to tell you about Russ and his awesome family.
My stepson Shannon grew up with Russ and they have been friends for a loooong time.
Russ' beautiful wife is Bonni and she works as a hair stylist with my niece Becky (small world).
Their children are Miranda and Reilly.
We feel very lucky to count all of them as part of our "selected" familly and love them all!!


  1. Will you look at that FISH!!!

  2. It's a channel catfish and if memory serves me,it weighed between 5-6 pounds. He caught it in the backwaters of the Mississippi River here in Eastern Iowa.