Friday, September 26, 2008


How awesome it is to find out how many wonderful friends and family you have when there is a crisis.
There were soooo many people who were there for me and my family when my brother died 2 weeks ago today.
Isn't it sad though that sometimes the only time you see or talk to some of your family and friends are when there is a funeral or wedding?
There were so many wonderful words of kindness and support. Beautiful, beautiful plants and flowers. Enough food to feed an army, and we all ate for many days on it too!!
Sometimes it is very hard to know what to say or do when a death happens so suddenly and unexpectedly. Bobby's cerebral hemorrhage and stroke came on so fast, and his death was so sudden that it's still hard to believe he is gone.
I just want to tell everyone who was there for us in any way, whether you were with us, or just thinking or praying for us, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart.
You will never know how much it meant to me.

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