Thursday, July 3, 2008

Flowers and Pets

It is such a beautiful sunny day out that I just had to take a few pictures of some of my flowers.

These purple ones are my Balloon flowers. Before the blooms pop open they look like a balloon. Pretty cool.

Here are my Dahlias. Always so bright and pretty.

And here they are together in the middle of the flower bed.

Then there is the queen of the house.

Her name is Baby. We tried calling her Patches, but that didn't work. She answers to Baby, so what you gonna do??!!

We adopted her from the pound and she is the funniest thing ever, except when she decides it's time to play at 3:00 a.m. :}

My pictures aren't the best. She just isn't real good about holding still for me when I'm trying to take her picture.

<<<<<And this pic shows exactly how she feels about me taking her picture!!

If I could just figure out how to not get weird eyes. Ah well, at least you can see how cute she is!!

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