Monday, June 16, 2008


If I never see another whirligig seed from a silver maple tree, it will be too soon! Whoever decided that there should be silver maple trees in our whole neighborhood should be shot. Every year we get so many of the whirligigs that our gutters fill up along with the flower beds and it takes days to try to get them all cleaned out. Our front yard looks like it snowed seeds. Almost can't see the grass!! I spent a good part of the morning already cleaning out gutters, and that was just in the front of the house. I haven't even started on the gutters on the back side of the house or the flower beds either. The old body only takes so much bending, stooping and reaching at a time anymore.
Ah well, just needed to vent some before I go back out and work on the mess some more.
At least it's not raining today and it's only about 70 degrees right now, so it's really pretty nice out.

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