Sunday, August 30, 2009

GTA Donations August 2009

For the month of August, we had a sweater drive and here are some of the sweaters I made to donate.

This is my favorite one out of the group. I haunt our local Goodwill looking for cute like new baby items and found this pretty sweater. The picture color is off a bit as it is actually a blueish lilac. I couldn't find yarn that I liked to go with it, so I made the hat and booties in white, and used embroidery floss that matched the flowers on the sweater to edge the hat and make ties for the booties.

This is just another cute little sweater I found and made a hat for it.
I found this cute little pair of panties and matching headband at Goodwill. It has strawberries and cherries on them. So I made a hot pink sweater to tie it all together.
I went to JoAnn Fabrics awhile back and found a bunch of cute buttons marked down to 25 cents and 50 cents a card. I loved these red stars, so I made a white sweater with red sleeves to use them on.
Just a pretty little peach sweater made out of Pound of Love yarn. And some of my JoAnn's button finds.
A variegated color of yarn that I just really liked. I like purples, lol.
I had this partial skein of really bright colors. I didn't want it to go to waste, so I made the body of the sweater white, then put different colors of buttons on it to pull it all together.

For September, our projects are going to be blankets. I found this cute little baby quilt and decided to make it my first item for the blanket drive. We have more requests for blankets and quilts than anything, and cold weather is coming up soon!