Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Photos - Reiman Grandparents

Henry Peter Reiman


Theresa Mary Flynn

Since my brother passed away very unexpectedly last month, it has made me realize you just never know and we need to pass on to our children any information we can about previous generations.
I have decided that at least once a month I am going to post pictures of previous generations with a little background on each person, so that my children, grandchildren, nieces, and great nieces and their families will have a permanent record that they can always come to if they want to know some more about their ancestors.

These are my paternal grandparents, Henry and Theresa Reiman.

Henry was born April 24, 1872 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.
Henry died April 5th, 1953 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
He is buried at Mt Calvary Catholic Cementary,Davenport,Scott,IA
He was living with his daughter Dorthy and her husband Al at the time of his death.

1900 Scott County Iowa Census lists Henry Peter Reimann's occupation as machinist.
Henry was of the Catholic faith.
Baptism records for Henry reads Henri Peter Reymann.
Shows godparents as Johannes Reymann and Ursula Brunolt.
1915 Iowa State census shows Henry living at 2015 Scott St, Davenport, Scott, Iowa.
He was 40 years old, worked in a machine shop and completed 8 years of schooling.
1933 Polk City Directory for Davenport, IA shows Henry living at 1716 Elm Street and his occupation as machinist.

Theresa was born October 8, 1879 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.
Theresa died on June 24, 1940 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.
She died on the first wedding anniversary of her son Frank and his wife Elva.
She is buried at Mt Calvary Catholic Cementary,Davenport,Scott,IA next to Henry.
Theresa was of the Catholic faith. Her nickname was "Jess".

They were married May 25, 1898 at St Joseph's Catholic Church,Davenport,Scott County,IA.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organ Donation

The Lion's Club through the Iowa Donor network has notified my niece that both of my brother Bobby's corneas have been donated to 2 different people to help them see again. This is wonderful news for us. Bobby would have been so proud to have been able to help someone else like this. He would have been surprised that they could use his corneas as he was blind as a bat without his glasses but I guess that doesn't matter.
Because of other possible medical problems his corneas were the only organs that we were able to donate, but it's so awesome to know that part of him is living on in 2 other people and helping to improve their lives.